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International business travel can be complicated. Take a look at these books. They can help you with your travels.

Survivor's Guide to Business Travel

Survivor's Guide to Business Travel
by Roger Collis
Provides tips on everything the business traveler needs to survive, from beating jetlag to getting airline upgrades, plus how to combine business with pleasure and make the most of your frequent flier miles. Examines crucial issues such as airport congestion, the impact of information technology and recent concerns over security matters.

The Business Traveler's Survival Guide : How to Get Work Done While on the Road
by June Langhoff
A handy guide for facing any challenge that arises for the business traveler. Filled with useful planning websites, insider tips, real-life stories and anecdotes will prove itself to be the indispensable business traveler's companion.

Women's Guide to Business Travel

The Smart Woman's Guide to Business Travel
by Laurie D. Borman
Covering all sorts of common travel issues specific to women traveling on business, this book provides down-to-earth advice to make readers's trips more productive, less stressful, and maybe even more fun.

Business Travel Tips

202 Tips Even the Best Business Travelers May Not Know
by Christopher J. McGinnis
Master the art of packing, international travel, hotel and airport survival, money management, travel safety, and much more with this business traveler's bible.

Organize Your Business Travel : Simple Routines for Managing Your Work When You're Out of the Office
by Ronni Eisenberg, Kate Kelly
One of the most crucial aspects of any job is making sure you're in control even when you're not at your desk. Now organization and time management gurus Ronni Eisenberg and Kate Kelly show business travelers dozens of ways to stay organized and keep in touch, whether they're away from the office for a day, a week, or a month.

Beat Jet Lag

62 Natural Ways to Beat Jet Lag
by Charles B. Inlander, Cynthia K. Moran
Readers learn to prepare their bodies before they travel, so they can arrive fresh and ready to go, with this handy guide. It includes information on how to reset the "switchpoint" of your body's internal clock before you leave; a list of what foods to eat and what foods to avoid to ensure a comfortable flight; travel arrangements and seat selections that minimize jet lag; helpful tips on what to do after you arrive; the latest research on light therapy, melatonin and sleeping aids; and much more.

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